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Why use a ball stopper for sex?

Want to know the BDSM scene? If you’ve ever been interested in the idea of ​​submission (or “subordination”), then you’re probably already familiar with the signature tool used to create a sense of subordination, submission, and/or loss of control: the gag.

This fascinating device, also known as the Oral Restraint 3354, robs the wearer of the ability to speak, communicate and protect himself with words. It can be a jarring experience that can instantly feel out of control. It can also be super spicy. ) If you or your partner are curious about ball plugs, why and how to use them, you’ve come to the right place.

How to choose a ball plug

First, you want to have a conversation with your vomiting buddy. What does each of you want from this experience? What are your fears, boundaries and desires? If you’ve never discussed this before, there are many resources to help you speak up.

In the words of porn educator Taylor Sparks, “You want the block to be big enough to stop them talking, but not small enough to let them talk. The purpose is to put them in this submissive position.”

Next, you will perform a “safety operation”. Since subs can’t use safe words (because they can’t speak), you need to agree on what something means. For example, Sparks suggests that if a gagged partner’s hand is empty, they can tap you with one, two, or three fingers with expressions like “This is great! Go on” or “I can rest. for a moment” or “Stop now”. If they’re tied up and can’t knock on the door with their hands, she suggests they have some sort of squeaky toy.

Other important safety tips: “Never allow a person to gag alone or without a direct and unobstructed line of sight,” Sparks says. “It’s the same for people who are tied down. If they can’t breathe or have anxiety, you want to be able to release them right away. We don’t always know what triggers someone until halfway through the role play, so it’s best to keep Closely.”

Type of ball plug

The truth is, you can make gimmicks with all kinds of things (humans can be smart!), and people have been producing all kinds of BDSM sex products. But in essence, a ball stopper is just a variation of a tool that does not allow the wearer to speak and express coherently. There are some specific changes, but there are other special tools that do the same thing: lose control of your mouth. We will also cover these.

As with all BDSM games, it is important to master the safety parameters of the tool. If you’re just starting out, it’s always a good idea to use a BDSM gag with adjustable straps and/or a quick release mechanism. If something goes wrong, you want to be able to turn off the device as quickly and easily as possible. Safe and voluntary play is the most important thing. Ball opener

As soon as we walked out of the gate, we got the ball stopper itself – a ball with straps on either side that wraps around the wearer’s head. Basically, the ball will fill your mouth and keep it open. The balls on this type of play equipment can be of different sizes, which is a great thing!

Not everyone’s mouth is the same size, so if their mouths are small, the giant grapefruit gag might not be suitable for the little vassals. Part of the “fun” of using gag is that it’s inherently uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t cause problems like TMJ disease (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). If your jaw hurts with prolonged use, it’s time to downsize.

Like all sex toys, ball plugs can be made of many different materials. It will be in someone’s mouth, indicating bacteria, so human-safe materials like silicone or PVC are suitable materials. Do not pass an unwashed stopper (silicon ball stopper or other) unless the person concerned chooses to accept someone else’s mouth.


Have you ever thought that breathing is easier when you have something in your mouth? Wiflegag is your perfect ball stop tool! These breathable ball plugs make breathing easier while still eliminating the wearer’s ability to speak coherently. If you’re really into ball gags, but breathlessness is too much for you, then this may well suit your needs.

While you can buy waffle balls from a toy store, it’s best to buy a complete BDSM silicone stopper, which is body-safe, easy to clean, and has important breathing holes and safety features. Yes.

a little joke

This is a split plug that works by pulling between the wearer’s teeth; it mimics a horse’s mouth. It goes well with Little Circus, which is a subcategory of BDSM. One likes to play the horse and the other plays the trainer.

To protect the teeth of human wearers, they should not actually be made of metal (unlike real horses). Biting your “good pony” is not really responsible ownership. Make sure the drill is coated with silicone, or something like leather 3354 can be bitten without an emergency trip to the dentist.

The bite also tends to be a bit smaller than other mouths, so if the wearer has problems keeping the jaw open, this tool may provide a more comfortable bite experience.

gag someone’s mouth/shut someone’s mouth

If you want to keep your mouth open forever for easy access, opening your mouth may be the best choice for your perverted game.

A ring mouth gag is a type of mouth gag, which means that a large ring, usually located behind the teeth, is used to force the mouth open, thereby preventing the mouth from closing completely. This binding gag keeps the wearer’s mouth open for inspection, or inserting something (hehe!). Keep in mind that even if this type of gimmick allows the wearer to engage in some level of verbal communication, you should still have an efficient way to obtain consent. You always want some non-verbal safe behaviors that you can use for optimal safety and sexual health. #gaglife .

gag someone’s mouth/shut someone’s mouth

This handy dandy device is an O-ring gag that looks like a fake lip that forces the wearer’s mouth open all the time. These lip plugs limit not only their ability to restrict movement, but also their ability to make the wearer look ridiculous.

Because the wearer’s mouth is always open, be sure to pay attention to the accumulation of saliva. Drowning is not the focus of this device, so keep it securely plugged with your lips and don’t lie with your mouth open, face up, or back for too long.

penis opener

I think yes, of course these gimmicks are great, but do you want to take it to the next level? Use a penis plug in your mouth instead. It’s essentially a ball stopper, but not a ball. Instead, a hard, possibly varicose “penis” is held securely and comfortably in the wearer’s mouth. While this can be done with any old dildo, penis plugs are specially made and don’t pose the same choking hazard.

Spider opener

This cunning invention is similar to a ring or lip plug in its ability to keep the mouth open, but it does so by tricking the hook, which always opens the wearer’s mouth. Also, saliva buildup here is a risk factor, don’t pull Spider-Man upside down on one for too long.

Butterfly opener

This prank goes too far! It’s a pity that it can’t take off because it’s in the mouth, but it will give you a fluttering feeling. Butterflies get their name from the fact that they have two “wings” when filled with air.

Once this inflatable plug goes from soft/loose to a fun size, it kind of looks like a butterfly in shape. But it’s like a butterfly you smoke for a while because that’s your thing. Since this is an inflatable gag, it has the option to take up more and more space in the wearer’s mouth, which will make for a completely different sense of loss of control. cunning.

Panel plug

This type of gag is the fabric seen in movies and TV. Sometimes it’s just a simple tie, sometimes it’s a single piece of elaborately crafted faux leather, complete with headbands that clearly show onlookers just how much the wearer loves leather.

This type of harness plug may be suitable for beginners. It has a low gag feel, but still a high level of stopping you from talking, and it has a handy leather strap on the face.

Tape plug

Although you may have seen it in the movies, tape plugs are not made of tape. Do not use tape for tape plugs. Tape gags are made from a specific type of body safety tape that doesn’t cause the same type of injury, pain, and discomfort that sticking tape to the skin does. Binding tape is a real product, inexpensive, and can be used as you want to gag, without the nasty side effects of other, more cruel tapes.

Why use a ball stopper?

This ball doesn’t have to be about sex, nor does it have to be used with all the nipple clips, cock rings, and anal beads you might bring to your routine. Sometimes these gimmicks are just used to show total obedience and escape that the wearer is very responsible for the life of their entire immediate world. Unleashing some energy, being irresponsible, can really ease rhythm changes that aren’t sexually pleasurable.

In other words, using a ball stopper can also be very sexy. “Giving up your control and/or power can be mentally and sexually stimulating for some people,” Sparks said. “The opposite of being dominant: getting someone to trust you enough to voluntarily relinquish control over them, knowing that you’re keeping them safe and responsible, is a great self-improvement, if not arousal.”

Using a ball stopper quickly creates a feeling of surrender and uncontrollability. It’s a quick and easy way to make the wearer feel powerless, depriving him of the ability to talk or reply to those around him, while physically restraining his mouth. This only happens to dentists in most cases these days (dental chair spider gag, anyone?).

According to Dr. Justin Lemüller, a researcher at the Kinsey Institute: “[A]other attractive factor is that it can transform you from a person into an object because you can’t speak. Some people feel that this kind of Personalization is appealing in BDSM games because it helps them get out of trouble and makes them more immersed in the moment.”

More suffocation safety tips

First, put them on for a limited time. Try it for 10-15 minutes, then take it out. This can help your mouth adjust to being open for a longer period of time, and with a little practice, you can wear this mask comfortably for longer.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you wear a gag today, it doesn’t mean it will be the same tomorrow. Gimmicks are powerful and you can never predict how they will affect you. Many people have complex relationships and feel powerless or out of control. Sometimes it can feel noble, and sometimes it can feel terrifying. Set aside a little time to monitor the gags to make sure they are comfortable with the feeling without any panic.

Ball plugs leave the wearer vulnerable, so never leave the ball plug wearer unattended! Bad things can happen. A mouth is not meant to be open forever. If the wearer has jaw problems, such as a TMJ, opening the mouth for extended periods of time can cause severe pain. The best gags are the ones you’re familiar with, so feel free to test the gags. Take it easy. If you have jaw issues but you still feel sick about it (ha), try a smaller stopper like a split stopper to keep your mouth from opening for too long. If the gag exposes metal, remember that a metal allergy is one thing. Prolonged exposure to metals can irritate the skin in some people.

Gags, like sex toys, always need to be cleaned up between naughty, dirty, and bad. Wash with warm water and mild soap and disinfect as much as possible. Especially among partners.

Finally, we know that when it comes to sex, it can be hard to figure out how to ask what you really want. It may be edgy to introduce the concept of a partner who wants to be dominated or submissive. But what’s the point of life if you’re not on the edge sometimes?