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9 What are the benefits of a butt plug?

Butter plugs have been around for a long time. The truth is, when it comes to being human and sexual, we really don’t have much to try. For example, anal sex has been providing sexy pleasure for centuries!

Now that sex toys have gone mainstream, we can finally get rid of weird, twisted relics, like Dr. Yang’s ideal rectal dilator. Yes, these are real rectal medical toys made of metal (ftw) or hard rubber. Their creators claim that using them will provide countless benefits, including “promoting fresh sleep and improving acne, hives, and anemia.” The instruction manual also clearly states: “Don’t be afraid to use too much.”

While it’s true – while we can’t morally say that anal sex or butt plugging will help with acne (wtf?), we can say that sensual anal pleasure does have a lot of potential to increase the level of excitement and connection . all participants. Butt plugs have many benefits, but perhaps one of the biggest is that it brings you closer to yourself (know all your parts, knowwhatimsayin) and your partner, if you’re there.

Listen, whether you’re just starting out with the loot game or you’ve become a seasoned expert, you’re not alone. Recently, interest in anal sex (including butt plugs) has increased dramatically3354 According to PornHub, porn searches increased by 120% from 2009 to 2015. Also, according to one study, an incredible 94% of women who participated said they had orgasm during their last anal sex.

Why use a butt plug?

First, it’s important to note that not everyone needs to play any kind of anal sex game. If you’re not interested in putting things on your butt (or your partner’s), then don’t! Remember, what other people think really matters. When it comes to your loot, you have the final say. #boundary

Now, if you or your partner happen to be fascinated, curious, or curious about the concept of playing with a butt plug, you’ve come to the right place. However, if your partner is asking for anal as a way to stay sexually aroused, that’s a red flag. Ultimatums have no place in the sexual and consensual porn game, and boos should soon be a boo of the past.

  All right! Now let’s start something fun. First and foremost, butt plugs are an all-encompassing recreation. No matter what kind of sexual gear you bring, you’ll have a booty, and that booty can give you the thrill of shaking it. Then again, it’s not just because your body feels good. Sexually, anal sex can create more intimacy in a partnership. Why? Because it requires vulnerability, trust and patience. If you’ve checked out all the crazy things in your lascivious to-do list and haven’t done the ass thing yet, they’re worth a look. Additionally, the anus provides thousands of mature nerve endings for both vulvar and penis owners, provided you carefully create an environment in which to relax and connect. You want to really trust that your special friend knows the right way to press your loot button.

Finally, if you haven’t tried any kind of ass play, then you might want to do something called ” Anal training” thing.

According to Brito, it’s “a series of exercises designed to prepare those who are interested in anal play”. This involves slowly (and using plenty of lubricant) inserting a finger or a sex toy that is physically safe (like a butt plug) into the anus and letting them sit for a short period of time. This will gradually enlarge your anus, allowing it to play with bigger toys or cocks.

The benefits of a pussy master

Excitement from all directions!

One of the benefits of anal toys, like butt plugs, is that they create another attractive sense of completeness for the pussy owner. There is a feeling of satiety, –, as if you were full. Also, anal toys may always stimulate the clitoris of the pussy owner. The clitoris is much larger than most people think, with two legs running back along the inside of the vagina. Because of their proximity to the anal canal, toys like butt plugs can stimulate the rest of the clitoris from a new, delicious angle.

As already mentioned, when it comes to the benefits of a butt plug, there are a lot of super sensitive nerve endings in the anus. According to sex and relationship expert Cory Honicke, just like massaging the G-spot and C-spot of a vulvar owner, stimulating the anus can produce a lot of sexual pleasure. Whether flying solo or in groups, the loot is full of possibilities to make you feel good. Plus, depending on how the butt plug is used, you can actually stimulate the Skean glands, which some call the “female prostate,” Honekman adds. So, “Women who have experienced anal orgasm say it’s a very deep and powerful feeling,” according to Hornickman. Yoza.

It’s more of that kind of leisurely, focused, slow-walking energy.

As mentioned earlier, the butt game (done correctly) is not a quick in and out activity. It takes preparation, it takes relaxation, it takes care. If the pussy owner wants more of that unhurried activity in the bedroom, starting with the booty might lead to some sexy love.

Now, when it comes to healthy stimulation like a butt plug, a rule of thumb is to take your time. According to sexual health company VelvetBox, “Most of the time, women’s first anal sex experience is not good. This can be due to feeling stressed, lack of lubrication, intoxication, moving too fast or having their penis fully inserted in the beginning (you It should never be done). Anal sex shouldn’t hurt if done correctly! If it hurts, you’ve done it wrong and you should stop or slow down. It all stems from a lack of dialogue and education.” Luckily, you Educated, Amaranten?

Benefits for penis owners

Only penis owners have prostates!

Penis owners have their own special magic pleasure button, the easiest to reach, activated directly by anal stimulation. Happy regardless of gender. Gay straight men shouldn’t let cultural norms shame them because they love ass. Anal games are for everyone, even heterosexuals. )

Now, that said, prostate stimulation can be an extremely fragile experience for penis owners who are not used to prostate stimulation. If you’re planning to venture into prostate heaven with a vibrating butt plug, prostate massager, or other adventurous butt plug, make sure to allow some love and caring time in the process.

The benefits of anal master

So many choices!

Anal toys come in many varieties, from vibrating anal toys to anal beads, bulb plugs, dildos, and deep anal rods. Human ingenuity has been invested in toys that allow trophies to be inserted, or just to make stimulating the outside of the rectum more fun.

share power

Anal penetration is available for all genders for sexual pleasure, and booty insertion (oh hi, harnesses and harnesses) is available for all genders. If anal pleasure lights up your horny raunchy side, you can rest assured that both parties can do some booty penetration.

Besides entering some erogenous zones you didn’t even know existed, toys like butt plugs can also help you safely enter the horny world. People use butt connectors in games of control and submission (also known as BDSM), according to Hornickman and other porn experts.

While it might sound a little scary or complicated if you haven’t experienced it, the truth is that kink can just mean exploring your own sense of power or giving up control. For those who think they might try some commits to test and feel a little humiliated (remember not to be too fast) or just vulnerable, using a butt plug might be an entry point. Giving up control can actually feel very fulfilling and relaxing…and enjoyable.

Exercise can lead to lasting health.

Strengthening the anal sphincter is good for health! Bet you didn’t know that playing with anal toys can actually help avoid fecal incontinence. The butt plug lets you focus on movement when working your anal muscles, turning a relatively mundane squeeze and release into a full-blown wowza movement. Have fun talking about personal health!

Here’s a quick overview of how to do anal Kegels:

Lie down.

Relax your abs and glutes; you don’t want to be involved.

Spread your legs slightly.

Squeeze your pelvic floor and anus at the same time (such as when you try to stop urinating halfway through)

Clenched your fists and counted to 10.

Slowly relieve muscle tension

Repeat this every day, in sets of five, with or without plugs. It’s all internal muscle tissue, no one will ever know! Great for solo and co-op play.

Anal sex with other people can be fun, but it’s just as exciting to have an ass on your own. If you’re hesitant about engaging in co-op anal play, the single-player game is a great place to start.

Getting a reliable butt plug as a delicious addition to your solo pleasure life is not only a great way to make your solo pleasure more exciting, but also a way to acclimate yourself to the fun, a complete booty. Try #pluglife and see for yourself all the fun and joyful gifts that the docking game has to offer.


It is a very satisfying thing to state a goal and realize it completely. Maybe you are an action-oriented person, and steady and moderate growth and successful achievement of goals really make your eyes shine. Imagine what it’s like when your hard work pays off and you eventually go from a little ass to the last boss: the biggest and worst ass toy in your anal training set!

secret fun

If you want to walk around the wide world with the plug-in, no one will know! Take a comfortable little stopper, apply some lube, gently insert that stopper, and tap Trader Joe’s.

Other tidbits

Nice butt. You can stick stuff in there and you can provide your own for another round of exciting hidden (anal) sex toys – always make sure to use plenty of lube during butt play. A quick way to hate anal sex is to try it without proper preparation. Proper preparation for the best performance, everyone.

If you’re using a reliable silicone plug for a comfortable stuffed loot game, keep in mind that silicone toys shouldn’t be paired with silicone lube. Water-based lubricants are a good choice if silicone docking plugs are to be used. Oil-based ones are also suitable, but be aware that oil-based lubricants can degrade barriers like condoms.

Finally, an important safety tip: if an item is going to enter the anal sphincter, make sure it has a small base! You really don’t want to go to the ER just because someone’s ass decides to play anal Houdini. Yes, it happened, and yes, it was as uncomfortable and embarrassing as it sounded. Guys, safe, consensual and pleasure-focused anal sex is the name of the game.